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  • Games will consist of two 17 minute halves

  • Clock will be a running clock until two minutes left in each half

  • Overtime will consist of two minutes with clock stopping on all whistles

  • Defense

    • 5th/6th Grade - Any defense at any time is permitted.​

    • 3rd/4th Grade - No Zone Defense, Pressing permitted for final 2 minutes of game only, help defense permitted but no extended double teams

  • Each team is permitted two timeouts per game (one extra allowed per extra period)

  • All other rules are listed by the Ohio High School Athletic Association

  • Each team is guaranteed two pool play games and all teams make the tournament

  • Licensed officials will be used for each game

  • Tournament director has the right to change or modify rules under any circumstance

  • All games will be held at Triway High School campus

  • Tournament Seeding:

    • Tournament Seeding will be decided by pool play results.

    • Format for determining seed will be based on (in order) - Record, Head-to-Head, Point Differential (15 pt max per game), Points Allowed, Points Scored.​

  • Foul Shots

    • 5th/6th Grade - Normal Foul Line Rules Apply​

    • 3rd/4th Grade - Divisions will shoot at distance 2' shorter and are permitted to jump over the line on their shot

**We will schedule around your league games**

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